Notes from Virtual Meeting 8th August 2020


Mark (UK), Bruce (UK), Ed (UK), Nigel Fraser Ker (UK), Wlodek (UK), Eddie (California), Geoff Coward (Pasadena, California), Louis Alley (San Jose, California), Gene Wright (Tennessee), Sylvain (Montreal)


1) The (UK) National Museum of Computing virtual tour with various HP and Curta calculators on display:

2) Unique/rare items were discussed: HP Calculator Einstein car window sticker; HP-12C Platinum with ARM chip

3) APL was discussed: - online apl interpreter with virtual keyboard - the MCM/70 was a stupendous machine

4) Mark asked about Jacques Laporte’s web pages relating to implementing efficient algorithms being incomplete ( It seems that after his death in 2015 the site has fallen into disrepair, but they have been preserved at:

and also

5) Louis Alley explained that recently there has been big push to create hardware description language versions of many classic video game consoles and arcade machines. Apparently someone has done it for the TI-83 calculator:

There is a very slick platform for the whole thing, although not really geared toward the physical needs of calculators:

It would be really cool to see a description of the 41 hardware running on the mister device. Looks like the CPU in the 41 is understood, which is a necessary step in the process: The 41CL may mean that the work has already been done - depends on whether is is emulation or FPGA though. Lous thought that Swiss micros is software emulation... mister is direct hardware mimicking, so it will run exactly at original speed.

6) HP-67 replacement boards/ACT chips: - supports the card reader - alternative, which doesn’t seem to support the card reader


  • Thanks for the notes and the many links!

    The 41CL is an interesting project: a replacement CPU board, based on an FPGA, with all sources and schematics available but strictly copyright.

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