Notes from Virtual Meeting 22nd August 2020

Attendees: Bruce (UK), John (UK), Martin (UK), Dennis (UK), Wlodek (UK), Mark (UK), Johnny (Denmark), Eddie (USA), Bob (USA) and Sylvain (Canada)


1) We welcomed first time virtual meeting joiner Dennis Tuckerman, who has been an HPCC member for a few years.

2) Recent acquisitions: Martin HP-32E, Sylvain another HP-41C (this time in a square box); Mark has swapped out the battery holder in his HP-67 to take alkaline batteries rather than rechargeable using:

3) Sylvain mentioned his Clonix and NoV module presentation that was due to be presented at HHC2020 is now available at: and

4) The HPCC Mini-Conference is scheduled for Saturday 10th October. Request for presentations is to be published on MoHPC forum as well as here. Please send presentation proposals to committee at hpcc dot uk. Subject to getting enough talks we are proposing holding the session online via Webex starting at 1500 BST (UTC+1) until 2200 BST to allow people to join from Europe, the UK, USA and Canada. Time will be included for breaks and we hope to have breakout rooms available for more personalised discussions. Thoughts on presentations are that they should generally be every hour with roughly 30 mins for the presentation, 15 mins for (moderated) Q&A and a 15 min break in order to prevent Webex fatigue. Requested, rather than offered, talks include: Introduction to PIL-Box (J-F? Geoff? Bob?); CAS (Eddie?), Clonix/Nov (Sylvain?). It is proposed that the presentations will be recorded.

5) It is proposed that the HPCC AGM is moved to November to keep October clear for the conference.

6) Past HHC ( conference videos are available at:

7) Allschwil (Switzerland) HP Meeting is scheduled for November 7th, 2020 however it is possible that some countries may have travel restrictions at that time.

8) On the topic of the PIL-Box and having to cut up a HP-IL cable:

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