Notes from Virtual Meeting 25th July 2020


Eddie Shore (California), Eric Rechlin (Texas), Nigel Fraser Ker (England), Martin Macrae (England), John Struthers (Scotland), Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz (England), Nigel Rumble (England), Bruce Horrocks (England), Bob Prosperi (New York), Sylvain Cote (Quebec, Canada), Johnny Bjørn Rasmussen (Denmark), Bob Penick (South Carolina), Frank Kingswood (England), David Hayden (New Jersey) and Mark Power (England).


1) Lots this time on the HP-41, celebrating its 41st Birthday with an HP-41 themed edition of Datafile and 3d printing replacement parts for the HP-41 and other HP calculators:

2) Powering the HP41 from USB:

3) New add on for HP-41 IOnix41 that uses all new components

4) HP-41 battery pack

5) HP-41 Card Repair

6) HP Serial Numbers, covered in Wlodek’s book and also at

7) Link to a new 3D Printed design for Calculator stand for 41C, Pioneers and DM42/DM41X:

8) 3d printers and software:

9) 3d printing (non-functioning) parts for vintage jet aircraft at:

10) List of HP calculator parts and 3d replacements:

11) 3d printable for HP-97 and HP Cassette drive battery case:

12) General site for fixing stuff and handy tools

13) Screen scratch restoration:

14) Discussion about keeping batteries (and film) in the fridge. Non-leak batteries for HP-11/12/15/16: use SR44 (silver oxide) rather than LR44 (alkaline).

15) Ham Radio call signs:

Martin 2E0KZU




  • Thanks for the details and the links - I had a headache and couldn't make it.

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