Notes from Virtual Meeting 23rd May 2020

It was great to see Bob Prosperi, Ed Spittles, Martin Macrae, David Hayden, Johnny Bjorn Rasmussen, Sylvain Cote, Eric Rechlin, Wlodek, Phillippe Lasnier, Eddie Shore, Gene Wright and Nigel Rumble at the Virtual Meeting.

Quite a lot of the conversation was on the HP41, its impending 41st Birthday (with tuneful rendition by my 41) and assembly language. We also looked at:

Frank Wales' Starseed Search program for the HP-41 in Your Computer Magazine in 1981 (which cost 50p)

Ed Spittle's Retro Computing site with interesting mechanical calculators:

We discussed programming assembly language on the 41 and compatibility with the forthcoming DM41X. We then went on to Z80, 6502, 68000, etc. Here is a nice visual Z80 simulation at transistor level:

There was then a bit of a show and tell of microprocessor books, which led to the O'Reilly series and the fabulous fakes:

We discussed whether science has been overtaken by politics in American scientific journals. Fortunately there are still interesting science articles, as Gene pointed out:

Our next virtual meeting will be on Saturday 13th June 2020, via Webex from 15:00 to 17:00 BST (UTC+1). If you do not have an invitation and want to join in, please drop me an email or message.


Mark Power.

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