Notes from Virtual Meeting 4th April 2020

These were the URLs we looked at/suggested during the virtual meeting. You may well have looked at some of them before, others might be new. Hopefully they are all interesting: - Run by Ed who has just joined HPCC - Massive list of computer and calculator emulators that run in JavaScript inside you browser, including a HP-35 which is targeted at smartphones and shows values in the internal CPU registers as calculations are performed. - Adventures in classic technology - Retro handheld gaming consoles - Eric's archive of 48/49/50/Prime programs for unnamed members who have been less than observant for the last 23 years :-) - One for ARD - ARD no doubt has one of these - One for collectors - The H67-806 Machine Language Computer Simulator for Mark to try on his Assembly Language students perhaps? - HP30b programs including Lunar Lander for all mankind - Janus WebRTC Server source code for virtual meetings - Mark's HP41 Mcode Debugber & Source code for people daft enough to want to debug on their calculator




  • Thanks Mark! Unfortunately the link to the HP support pages, for the Lunar Lander and other HP 30b program examples, is broken, and has been for a few days. I have taken a copy, as best I can, from Google's archived version - but that's only a temporary workaround. (Search for [30b lunar c02047259])

  • EdSEdS
    edited May 2020

    Here's an archive of the cached version, and these are the contents:

    HP 30b Business Professional Calculator - Programming Examples in RPN Mode

    Programming on the HP 30b

    Example 1: Calculating digits of PI

    Example 2: Finding prime factors of an integer

    Example 3: Base conversions for bases 2-10

    Example 4: Lunar lander game from the 1975 HP 25 Applications Program book

    Example 5: Guess the secret number game

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